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Looking for a Professional to Clean your Area Rug, Oriental Rug, Persian Rug in Reno Nevada? Look no Further, Just Call All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada at (775) 842-2846. All Clean Carpet knows how to care for your Area Rug. We will come an pick up your rug from your home in Reno Nevada and deliver it back to you when we are done. All Clean Carpet will take extra care of your family heirloom. How much does something like this cost? Well it is $5 a Square Foot or 10% of the Declared Value, Which ever is Greater. Just take a look at how we put your Rug in our Wash pit and Clean it by hand, Putting your area rug in a water pit after we have vibrated all the fine dirt out of the rug, cleans much better than just putting it thru a machine. Try it and see for yourself. Feel Confident All Clean is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Call us today at (775) 842-2846 to get your FREE Area Rug Consultation. All Clean Carpet is Northern Nevada's Best in the West Customer Service Cleaning Comany! If you want a professional to clean your oriental or persian rug, do yourself a favor and call All Clean Carpet today.