Area Rug Cleaning in Reno and Sparks Nevada



Most homeowners in Reno and Sparks Nevada don't realize area rugs can be cleaned just like wall to wall carpeting.   With Oriental & Area Rug cleaning from All Clean Carpet, you don't need to send your area rug outside the home to be cleaned.  Over 95% of the area rugs we clean are cleaned inside the home, a great benefit to homeowners that dread moving furniture and rearranging living spaces to remove rugs for cleaning.  rugArea rugs can collect a great deal of soil, sometimes as much as twice the weight of the rug, because rugs are typically situated in high traffic areas where soil deposits from foot traffic are heaviest.  Decorative designs can also mask soil and stains that lurk beneath the carpet fibers giving the appearance that the rug is not in need of cleaning.  To prevent premature wear from soil abrasion and to remove pollutants trapped deep down in the rug fibers, it is very important to clean rugs on a regular basis... even though they may not look "dirty."Over the years All Clean Carpet has cleaned hundreds of area rugs, so you can be confident that we will take the very best care of your fine rugs.


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