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Area Rugs come in many different types, but the ones we mention here are the basic ones we see. There are Woven Wool Rugs, Tufted Rugs, Chunky Wool / Shag Rugs, and the Earth Friendly “Green” Plant Fiber Rugs. As someone who has area rugs in her home, I can tell you that I shop primarily based on what looks good to the eye and feels good to my pocket book. But as I have learned, sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Let me start off by saying the best Rug to buy is a Natural Fiber, Wool Rug. These are more expensive but they are the best made and will last the longest! Why not pay more for something that is going to get you way more use than its cheaper counterpart?

Wool Area Rug (google)How to spot a real Woven Wool Area Rug?  To determine if your rug is a Woven Wool Area Rug, all you have to do is look at the front of the rug versus the back of the rug. Is the design on the back of the rug exactly like it is on the front? That my friend is genuine! Also, if you get a tiny piece out of this rug and put it under heat, it will burn, not melt like its plastic counterpart. This is because it is made of a natural fiber, just like your hair. However, if you have ever smelled burnt hair, you know that it is not a pleasant smell. We do not recommend that you just go testing your rugs this way, let’s keep that to the professionals!



Chunky WoolAs I mentioned before, I buy what appeases the eye! So naturally when I saw this big fluffy rug with thick shaggy wool that resembled a sea anemone, I had to have it. This Chunky Wool Rug became a piece of my home décor. Let me tell you what a sting I got from this rug. It was nice and fluffy, but after time, it got fuzzy and everything got tangled up in it. This is a great rug if you don’t have kids to get string and other foreign material tangled up in it, and you have time to go through and clean this rug by hand. It requires special attention.

How to spot a Chunky Wool Area Rug? Simple, you will be able to see the thick fibers that look like fingers waving about.


tufted rug 3Now for the dreaded Tufted rug, this in my opinion is the worst rug ever! We get all kinds of complaints about this rug and so many people are having such a difficult time with these types of rugs. Some of the complaints include: They lose their shape, they get wavy or bumpy on top, they shed, the backing gets nasty discoloration and ugly, back turns yellowish, the latex backing is crumbling and cracking or falling off, and it smells like burnt rubber. Buyers beware! How many more complaints can I tell you to convince you that this is not the rug for your home? Hopefully we can give you the knowledge to know what you are going out to buy and help you make the best decision for your family and home.

How to spot a Tufted Area Rug? Tufted Area Rugs have a material on the back it can be latex rubber, or a canvas backing. Don’t let that canvas fool you; the latex rubber that falls apart and smells horrible is hidden underneath it. A Tufted Rug will have Labels that say “Natural rubber latex” these are the stinking ones. Our very own, One of the most common issues are with ones with the label that has a pyramid on it. We advise to stay away from them. These rugs are Less expensive than a Woven rug, but it will cost more in the end!

The “Earth Friendly” or Plant Fiber Rug is a rug that is made from Sisal, Jute and Rayon (all plants). The problem with these rugs is that some of the plants based materials release oil when they get wet. This can cause a yellowing effect. When that happens, it can be difficult to get the spot out.  And more so, if this rug gets any spills or pet urine on it, the cloth and binding may shrink, or it may cause the rubber backing to have issues and fall apart. There is also an issue with spot treating this type of area rug, it can make the colors bleed or fade. The best owner for this rug is one without pets who has a minimal chance for any accidents or spills to happen to this rug.

Plant fiber rug 1How to spot an “Earth Friendly” Area Rug?  This again is simple it will have the plant fiber Sisal, Jute, or Rayon listed on its label and or also have the word “Fragile” listed. More than likely it will be advertised as “Earth Friendly”. Word to the wise, the most “Earth Friendly” rug is a Wool rug. Wool rugs are made of natural material, it doesn’t harm the earth, and it is going to last longer.

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