Can Pets Make your Carpet Dirty Faster? YES!!



Pets are a delightful, they often times become one of the family members. They are also cute, cuddly and fun to play with and they giveus a great deal of companionship that we cannot simply ignore. However, they can also turn out to be a nuisance, for example they can cause damage to some of our most precious household items. More specifically pets can shorten your carpet’s lifespan or cause it to lose its aesthetic value. This is because pets make carpets dirty very fast, you should therefore understand a bit more about how pets make your carpets dirty faster. Let All Clean Carpet, your Reno Nevada Carpet Cleaner explain.

- Pets carry dirt from outside your home onto your carpetThis is especially true when it comes to four legged pets such as dogs and cats. These pets go outside and collect dirt on their feet, stroll into your house and deposit the dirt onto your carpet. Animals have natural body oils that the dirt outside is attracted to and it sticks onto your pets and are brought into home. As your pets return into your home they lay on your carpets transferring the dirt onto your carpets and as they lay in the same spots often the dirt is ground into your carpets. It is not just the dirt but also their body oil that is being transferred onto your carpets, your carpet becomes dirty because of this.-- Pets leave their hairs on your carpetsIt is important to remember that pets often rub themselves against your carpet,this is their version of scratching their itchy backs. Again, it is important to remember that pets such as dogs and cats shed off their coats at some time in their lives. Rubbing against your carpet and shedding off their coats both contribute to traces of hair all over your carpet. Often vacuuming once or twice a week will not remove all of the pet hairs and the hairs begin to either build up or become embedded into the carpets.- Pets can urinate on your carpetThis is a gross and unfortunate act that most pets are fond of doing, it usually leaves a terrible stain on the carpet in addition to a pungent odor. Just cleaning up their accidents will not remove all of the urine or remove the odors, a quarter sized urine spot on top of the carpet is often larger than a soft ball in the carpet padding underneath.Pets make your carpet dirty at a fast rate through the ways mentioned above. You need to hire All Clean Carpet to take care of this soil for you, in your Reno Nevada Home. Hire us today, We Know how to take care of Carpet Regardless of the issue. Call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846