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Choosing the Right Professional Carpet Cleaners Reno Nevada homeowners should know. All Clean Carpet is the right choice of professional to come into your home and clean your carpet properly preserving your warranty. Leading carpet manufacturers tell you that if you hire a carpet cleaner who is NOT certified thru the IICRC, you void your warranty. All Clean Carpet has professional truck mounted equipment to steam clean your home in Reno Nevada. Our Employees are certified thru the IICRC for Carpet Cleaning. Hiring Carpet Cleaners in Reno Nevada is a personal choice of preference. Why not prefer to do work with the Carpet Cleaning Professionals who know how to properly clean your carpet without damaging the carpet fibers and causing your carpet to wear out prematurely. Protect your investment and keep your carpet fresh and clean by cleaning your carpet frequently. Ask about applying Teflon protector. Are you skeptical if Teflon protector is worth it ? Ask for one FREE Room of Teflon protector on any carpet cleaning job that's $99 or more. Watch how much longer and how easy It repels spills from seeping down into the backing of the carpet causing damage. Then you will know for yourself it works. To take advantage of this great offer, simply fill out the opt in form below and spend $99 on carpet cleaning or more in your home in Reno Nevada and your are eligible for this FREE gift. Call All Clean Carpet today to get an estimate or carpet evaluation to see how often you should clean your carpets. Call (775) 842-2846 today!


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