Carpet Cleaning Prices Reno NV

Looking for Carpet Cleaning Prices in Reno NV? Let All Clean Carpet help answer your questions about how much it is going to cost to clean carpets in your home in Reno Nevada. Right now you can get 3 Areas of carpet cleaning for just $99. We will even throw a hallway in for FREE. That's right pay $99 for 3 areas of carpet cleaning and we will clean a hallway for FREE. How big is one Area? An Area is 200 square feet or less. The only factors that would be an additional charge is if we have to treat for pet urine or attempting to get a red stain out, which requires a heat transfer. A stairway is just $30 or $2 a stair.

Looking to get 4 areas cleaned? Its just $129 and we will do a hallway for FREE also. What about 5 areas of carpet cleaning? How much is that going to cost? 5 areas of carpet cleaning is just $150. What if I have more than 5 areas of carpet? Its just an additional $30 for another area after 5 areas are being cleaned. Hallway is included in this price also. What is the catch on taking advantage of these great carpet cleaning prices in Reno NV? All you have to do is fill out the form below and submit it and you can claim these great offers! Also know that All Clean Carpet Cleaning uses Truck Mounted Units for Hot water Extraction also known as Steam Cleaning. Call us today at (775) 842-2846.



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