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Carpet Cleaning– The word “carpet” comes from the Old Italian word carpita, or capire meaning to pluck. The earliest carpets date back to the Neolithic Age in 7000BC. There are two theories which explain how carpets came into existence. The first theory suggests that the carpets were made to serve nomadic tribes, and these carpets served as protection from the different climatic conditions. The second theory, on the other hand, proposes that the early carpets were artistic piece. Today, carpets are used as both artistic and decorative pieces which add flavor to the room. Carpets enhance a room’s appeal and for some, it gives comfort to the people around, but they can also be quite a hassle to clean.

Carpets are commonly the first line on the ground when it comes to spills and dirt; they are the ones that are most affected by spills, stains and dirt. There are various ways to clean carpets without the help of professionals, and it can be done by anyone at home.  The first thing we need to remember before engaging in a spring carpet cleaning-up is to limit the possible spills that may occur beforehand. To be able to this, we should always be careful and alert with the things around us, but sometimes these things may occur accidentally and we can do nothing but clean them up. Foul odours that build up through time can easily be removed with the use of sprays that emit sweet scents. Steam cleaning a carpet releases dirt and foul odours, and it makes the carpet look fresh as new.

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