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Did you know professional carpet cleaning can actually save you money? It’s true! We often hear from clients who made the mistake of renting a carpet cleaning machine from their local home improvement store or grocery store and the nightmare that unfolded like wet soggy carpet that took forever to dry, or stains that didn’t come up or water and mold damage that required thousands of dollars in repair work.

Don’t let that happen to you. Saving money with a professional company like All Clean is your best choice. Just call us to your home in Reno Nevada. Here’s how: call us directly at (775) 842-2846

Professionaly cleaning your carpet adds years to your carpet’s lifespan. In order to remain fresh, clean and to look its best, carpet should be professionally at least once a year. A well-maintained carpet can last for an average of 22 years, and lifetime maintenance costs are significantly less than its hard-surface counterparts.

Professional cleaners use professional products. Unfortunately, most of the over-the-counter solutions sold for rental carpet cleaning equipment leaves a residue behind that attracts dirt and grime. This leads to a vicious and costly cycle that takes its toll on your carpets.

Prevent mold damage. A Carpet Cleaning Professional in Reno Nevada like All Clean, will make sure your carpets and pads are thoroughly dried, which prevents mold growth and/or the need for a total carpet replacement.

Ready to save a little money on your next professional carpet cleaning? Just call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846.


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