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Are you Looking for Carpet Cleaning Reno Nevada? Call All Clean Carpet Cleaning to your home in Reno Nevada today. You can reach us at (775) 842-2846. One huge misconception people have about carpet cleaning is they think they will wait until it is dirty and then get it cleaned. Dirt is one of the most abrasive things that your carpet comes into contact with. Dirt can work its way down in the carpet all the way to where the fibers meet the backing. This is where the real damage occurs. It can actually cause your carpet to delaminate prematurely. Vacuuming regularly helps a lot. Carpet Cleaning at least every 18 months is recommended by leading carpet manufactures and the EPA actually put our a recommendation if you have pets or kids you should clean it every 6 months. Cleaning your carpet by a professional carpet cleaning company that is certified thru the IICRC ( Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Certification ) actually protects your warranty from leading manufactures such as Shaw and Mohawk. You can take all the guess work about when to get your carpet cleaned and just Call All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada to your home. With Carpet Evaluations and Estimates FREE and no Obligation to you its a simple choice. Call All Clean Carpet Cleaning and get quality carpet cleaning at a fair price. Right now you can get 5 Areas Cleaned for just $150 and we will throw a hallway in for FREE today. Call All Clean Carpet Cleaning at (775) 842-2846 



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