Carpet Restoration in Reno Nevada

If your carpets are matted down and are extremely soiled All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada has the answer for you. If you think your carpet needs replacing All Clean CarpetĀ  might be able to save you the expense. All Clean Carpet utilizes a state of the art Carpet Restoration Tool Called the Rotovac. It is a Rotary carpet cleaning maching a capable of 250 rpm. That basically means its like taking 250 passes with a carpet cleaning wand in every direction, in one minute on your carpet. It gets out deeply embedded soil in the carpet. It restores the carpet fiber from being matted down to standing back up with a bounce in it again. Don't replace your carpet. Let All Clean Restore your carpet with our RotovacĀ  Cleaning Tool. Call All Clean Carpet to your Residence in Reno Nevada at (775) 842-2846