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All Clean Carpet Cleaning in Reno Nevada understands that your needs as a commercial customer can differ greatly from those of our residential customers. While cleaning for commercial as well as residential customers, we offer the following information specifically for property and facility managers. All clean is a Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaner in Reno NV.


Our certified and courteous staff will address all service requests in a timely manner that respects your schedule. We understand about cleaning at off times or after hours.

We will take extra care to protect you investment including first and foremost everyone's safety, if that means wet floor signs, constant communication to ensure safety we understand.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our quality and service, or we will make it right to you. At All Clean Carpet we are all about building relationships with our customers for years to come.

Another important service we provide is emergency 24-hour water extraction and structural drying services. Our emergency phone number is (775) 842-2846, just call and you will receive an immediate response.


We value your business, and strive to maintain an open and communicative process to ensure your needs are met and you are wholly satisfied with our services.


  • Walk through the commercial property with the manager to identify needs and areas of concerns. During this inspection we make note of any problem areas such as high traffic areas and extra soiled areas.
  • Discuss and make suggestions for cleaning based on business events and work flow.
  • After the inspection, we create a detailed proposal unique to each business for the manager’s review. We are accessible to answer any additional questions.
  • Upon approval, we will coordinate our cleaning schedule so it is the least disruptive to your business. We will work after hours, during evening hours, or even on weekends.
  • We will always follow-up 1-2 business days after cleaning to perform an inspection and to make sure we are maintaining our high standards. If there are any problems, we will either touch it up right then or schedule another time to resolve it. We will continue to work until the problem is resolved. All Clean Carpet is here to make your job easier not harder.
  • After the initial cleaning visit, we will meet again with the manager to discuss the cleaning plan in place and to make any adjustments to the current plan. We will inspect any problem areas that remain and make note of anything that may need extra attention. We will make a recommendation as to cleaning frequency to assure cleanliness and appearance.
  • We will maintain communication with your facility manager throughout the year to keep your property in the best possible condition.
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