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Most homes have carpeting. Carpeting is a filter and it has to be maintained well and taken proper care of. There are a few things you can do to keep your carpets looking clean and smelling nice. One thing that dirties the carpet is dirt from your footwear, so to prevent this just place a door mat in the entry to the carpeted space and avoid wearing your shoes in your house any more than you need to. Also regular vacuuming with a properly working vacuum is a key, vacuum at least 2 times a week in heavy traffic areas. In the event that anything is spilled or dropped quickly clean it up to avoid it getting deeper into the carpet and from getting ground into the carpets. Another answer is to have your carpet sprayed with a teflon protector like scotchgard. Once your carpet is discolored from being dirty it will cause it to wear quicker and make cleaning harder and some times it is impossible to remove the worn areas. Spots in the carpet here and there make your carpets look dirtier then they are and also cause odors.
Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least every year will keep your carpets clean and allow them to last longer plus you get the benefit of having a beautiful clean home. A professional carpet cleaning company like All Clean Carpet will be able to inspect your carpets and provide you with the highest quality cleaning possible allowing you to enjoy your carpets and not be ashamed of how they look.The key things to keep your carpets lasting longer and staying beautiful is to vacuum at least twice a week, clean up anything that has been spilled or dropped, avoid wearing your shoes in your house, grooming any pets and to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year.
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