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All Clean is Reno and Sparks VCT Waxing and Stripping Experts. Caring for your VCT Floors has never been easier, just call us at (775) 842-2846. VCT stands for vinyl composite tile. This is the kind of surface that has been around for several years with the most popular dimension being 12″ by 12″. The procedure to take care of such flooring is pretty simple. Waxing and Stripping is a term that means removing the existing coats of wax on the surface and re-applying newlayers. Stripping is normally a labor intensive procedure where professional machines are used to completely remove old wax and speed up the process.

Keeping Your Commercial VCT Floors Beautiful by Stripping & Waxing is what All Clean Carpet can do for your business in Reno and Sparks Nevada. Well waxed and gleaming VCT floors of your commercial building speaks greatly to the looks of your office facility and helps making positive first impressions.. Most owners today prefer VCT tile flooring for their commercial set-up.The initial appeal is the beauty of the sparkling floors, but the easy maintenance of the VCT floors is also a big factor. With time the vinyl flooring may start losing its shine and look dull and worn out if not given a proper care. Waxing and stripping plays a major role in retaining the visual appeal! Floor stripping and waxing is a tedious job, but one simply gets it done for the commercial floors at least once or twice a year. The process of stripping and VCT waxing helps you maintain the quality of your floor and make it last for a long time. All Clean Carpet understands the importance of cleanliness and appearance. Call us at (775) 842-2846 for your Professional VCT Evaluation.



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