How to get Nail Polish out of Carpet


  • Blot with an Acetone-based nail polish remover. Blot with odorless mineral spirits or alcohol or Liqua-Gel on a white towel. Do not pour directly on the carpet or you will destroy the latex glue holding the primary and secondary backing together. Blot with a solution of 1/4 of a cup of liquid HAND dish washing detergent per cup of lukewarm water. Blot with lukewarm water with a white towel. Blot with a solution of 2 tablespoons of HOUSEHOLD ammonia per cup of water.
  • CAUTION: Amyl Acetate, Acetone and most nail polish removers are highly flammable and dissolve acetate fibers. If Unsuccessful or if you just want a professional to get those tough stains out of your carpet in Reno Nevada, then call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846. Northern Nevada's Best in the West Customer Service Company.