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All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada wants you to know that leather furniture is known for its durability and beauty even after years of use. The wear over the years that causes wrinkles can give your leather couches, chairs, and ottomans a distinguished look. With that said, care is still needed on a regular basis so that they do age gracefully instead of needing leather re-conditioning prematurely. You never want to neglect them and not clean up spills immediately. We are going to share some general care tips for keeping your leather furniture beautiful for years to come in your home in Reno Nevada.
• Wipe down your leather furniture on a regular basis with a dry cotton cloth.
• Vacuum out dirt and debris from the crevices of your leather couch and chairs with the hose attachment.
• Apply a leather conditioner regularly. Leather conditioner will keep it from drying out and developing cracks. Read instructions on the product package for application instructions, most will suggest application every 6 to 12 months.
• Clean up any spills right away. Try to wipe up as much as possible with a dry cloth, moistening the cloth only if necessary. Use as little water as possible and make sure to wipe the area dry afterwards.
• Avoid using water and soap on leather. Often water and soap do more damage than the initial stain.
• Only use cleaning products designated for leather. Other cleaners and polishes can be very harmful to leather furniture.
• Buff out small scratches in the leather with a microfiber cloth.
• Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight, which can cause the leather to dry out and fade.
If your leather furniture is need of some additional TLC or re-conditioning give us a call at (775) 842-2846. All Clean Carpet is Reno Nevada's Professional Leather Cleaning Company.


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