Leather Upholstery Cleaning Reno & Sparks Nevada



People just love the luxurious look of a leather couch or sofa in their home. For centuries, leather furniture is the decorator touch of choice – from high-end leather sofas to antique settees; these coveted furnishings are often the centerpiece of a room. However, anyone who’s owned leather furniture knows that these pieces require extra-special care to maintain their natural beauty. Ordinary household cleansers and furniture polish merely remove dust, but can actually damage the hide, since the waxes found in these treatments tend to dry out the leather. Much to our dismay, cracks, tears and soiling from everyday usage cannot be refurbished with store-bought treatments.

All Clean in Reno Nevada is who you should be looking to restore your cherished leather furniture, All Clean Carpet has created a special method of leather couch and sofa care to clean, restore and preserve the appearance and lifetime of your favorite furnishings. We use a 3 step Leather treatment so that you can rest assured that even the most delicate leather furnishings are effectively yet gently cleansed. Our team of skilled leather artisans use old-world techniques along with the latest technology to revive your leather to its original glory so that you may continue to enjoy your furniture for generations to come.

Our 3 Step Process is simply put:

  • Step 1: Spots and debris are removed from the leather’s surface
  • Step 2: The leather is moisturized and conditioned with our exclusive blend of 100% green leather cleansers, refurbishing the hide to its former luster
  • Step 3: Our skilled leather technicians apply a special protectant to your furniture, safeguarding it from normal wear and tear

All Clean Carpet will come to your home or office in Reno & Sparks Nevada to revitalize your Leather Furniture. Just Call Us at (775) 842-2846