Natural Stone, all stone have these 4 things in common.


Did you know that all stone have these four things in common?

Ph, Absorption, Breathes, Natural Attraction

The pH of stone will vary from each stone. The most important thing to remember is that a piece of stone that is pH of 10 will have a violent reaction to any acid cleaner. Acid will cause the stone to etch, which the only remedy is grinding the surface of the stone. Stone, like a sponge is very absorbent. Stone may seem impervious but add moisture and it will penetrate. Because stone has pores (highways through the stone), stone will breath. when stone breathes its called MVT or "moisture vapor transmission". All Stone must be able to breath or it will eventually die. Because of the first three common things all stone have in common, all contaminants will have a natural attraction to stone. This can cause the stone to grow lifeless and eventually harm the stone. Stone must be maintained in order to keep it looking healthy. If you want to get Your Natural Stone Cared For, Just call All Clean Carpet to your home in Reno Nevada, Sparks Nevada, Carson City Nevada, Incline Village Nevada, Lake Tahoe

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