Professional Grout Cleaning Reno Nevada


When was the last time you had your Grout Cleaned and SealedHas it ever been Professionally Cleaned? If you are looking for Professional Grout Cleaning in Reno Nevada. Then call All Clean Carpet. All Clean Carpet does so much more than just Carpet Cleaning. We are Tile and Grout Cleaning Professionals with years of grout cleaning experience. 


Grout is Porous and with that being said you have to clean it every couple of years some times annually as well as sealing it. If you value Cleanliness and Appearance as well as protecting your investment then it is essential. Simply steaming or mopping the floor with consumer products on the market will not achieve this.


How are you extracting the dirt off the floor? Mopping is letting the dirty water just dry in the grout lines. You need to Steam Clean the Grout with a high alkaline cleaner that will help break up the dirt and grime. Then you have to have the means to extract the dirty water with a truck mounted steam cleaning machine to get a deep clean ensuring the grout is clean. In some cases an Acid cleaner is required to open up the pores of the grout and then apply an alkaline cleaner.


This can be a 3 step process if your grout is in a restoration process. All Clean has the knowledge and equipment to get your grout cleaned at your home in Reno NV. Just call us at (775) 842-2846 to schedule your FREE no obligation Tile and Grout Cleaning estimate today.                                                        


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