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Did you know one of the most popular building materials to denote elegance with the promise of longevity is marble? What about marble polishing restoration and maintenance? All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada is the professional marble polishing restoration company that will ensure both the beauty and strength of this shining stone remain at their peak. The potential for marble’s enduring appeal can be seen in European buildings that are hundreds of years old and still have marble floors and accents that earn the admiration of locals and tourists. Despite centuries of traffic and the simple assault of time, proper care and treatment have ensured that the stone’s beauty is unfaded. Call All Clean today to come to your home in Reno Nevada for a FREE Stone Evaluation. Reach us at (775) 842-2846

Because marble is so widely used and found prominently in historical sites as well as in modern use, it can be easy to consider the stone low-maintenance. In fact, the stone is surprisingly temperamental. In nature it is both rather soft and quite porous, resulting not only in scratches and damage but also a tendency for the absorption of stains. Even water can leave its mark on marble, making cleaning the stone a tricky proposition, especially when the marble’s care has been neglected for a length of time. Professional expertise is necessary to maintain the shine for which marble is known, as well as preventing damage or repairing it before it becomes a more complex and costly operation.

Common Problems and Solutions
Since Natural Stone has these basic complications of marble care, professionals are well-versed in the basic problems of the stone, as well as their solutions and recommendations for future maintenance. For simple everyday wear, thorough polishing is the solution, and should happen at least every other year, although specific situations may vary. For areas that receive higher traffic and are more heavily soiled, an intensive cleaning is called for, along with sealing the surface. Light scratches can be fixed with compound polishing, while deeper scratches and bad wearing require the more intense treatment of a diamond polishing. For minor repairs of chips, holes, and cracks, a basic epoxy filling can set matters to rights. Get a Professional Marble Polishing Company to come to your Home in Reno Nevada to care for your natural stone. 


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