Professional Pet Urine Removal Reno Nevada

When you’re cleaning up after a pet accident or several accidents there are many issues that must be addressed to completely treat the problem.  Today we’ll talk about the primary concern which is making the living space sanitary and completely killing any bacteria that could later grow and cause recurring problems and odors.  As most pet owners have heard at some point you must use a high quality ‘active enzyme’ if you want to kill the bacteria that leads to continued smell as the bacteria grows through the carpet fiber and backing. Rest assured All Clean Carpet is Reno Nevada's Professional Pet Urine Removal.
What most people don’t realize is that when applied by the consumer this treatment is only affective if used before the urine spot has a chance to dry.  The dirty little secret is that as urine evaporates the metallic salts will create a crystalline shell covering the bacteria and preventing any enzyme from actually getting at the bacteria to do any damage!  Just Call All Clea Carpet Cleaning to your home in Reno Nevada. You’re going to need a more aggressive commercial solution.
The first step in our Topical Urine Treatment is always to strip away all the metallic salts and expose the bacteria to a lethal and potent dose of our super enzyme.  Once the salt crystals are removed the water activated enzyme we use can feed on the bacteria until it is completely gone leaving your living area clean and sanitary once again.
Sometimes the yellowing associated with urine spots is another issue all together, Call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846 and get rid of that Pet urine today.