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Carpet Cleaning can be a daunting task. There is especially a lot to do if there is wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, and only a carpet cleaning service is equipped to handle such a job. Offices and homes that use carpets for a wide area require thorough cleaning frequently to keep the environment safe and clean for both kids and adults. Thankfully a phone call to schedule a cleaning at your home in Reno Nevada is all you need. Call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846.

How Often do Carpets Require Cleaning?

Carpets are notorious for trapping dirt and germs. They silently store mud, dust, sand, hair, fur and anything tracked in from outside. They also absorb smells and odors easily. Smells from dirty socks, cat and dog urine and spray and any other unpleasant smells are held in by carpets and worsen their hygienic condition. These deposits further encourage mites and bugs to make homes in the carpets and breed freely. All of these elements can be removed by a professional carpet cleaner service with experience in cleaning carpets of all types.

Hiring carpet cleaners is an easy solution but how often your carpets require cleaning is a major factor to consider even before you hire one. Depending on how much traffic the carpet sees, what kind of climatic conditions prevail in your area, who uses the carpet and so on are the main aspects that determine the intensity and frequency of cleaning.Let us help you. Call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846. We are Reno Nevada's professional carpet cleaning choice!





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