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Did you know that carpet does function like a filter. Keep reading and let All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada explain how this filtering is very beneficial. Have you ever thought about what is really being collected, tracked through and spilled into your carpet?
The most common household pollutants are; dirt, dust, pollens, stearic acid, hair, pet dander, asphalt, sand, smoke residues, hydrocarbons, mites, fleas, dead skin, dead mites & fleas, tar, bacteria, foods, drinks, fungus, and sometimes viruses. Quite a few eh! The hydrocarbons come from outdoor pollution and your gas appliances, the stearic acids come from cooking food. How many of these common, everyday pollutants would you say are not in your carpets and upholstery this very minute? Not a pleasant thought is it.
You might say...not my carpets, they look clean. Perhaps, but carpets are designed to hide soil from your eyes, keeping it trapped below the surface, where it does the most harm. Not convinced? Do a little test. Place a new bag inside your vacuum, thoroughly vacuum all of your carpets. When done remove the bag and cut it open and take a look at what was inside your visually clean carpet Now considering that all of this disgusting stuff is in your carpet, and more is being brought in everyday, eventually the carpet will become full. As you walk across your full carpet you re-distribute the dust and pollutants back into the air that you and your family breathe. As a result of being full, your carpets will also begin appear visibly dirty. This visual soil may take upwards of 1 to 2 years before it finally shows itself, by then it has done alot of damage to your carpet, and has contributed greatly to having poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Don't live like this hire a professional Steam Cleaner to come to your home in Reno Nevada. Call All Clean Carpet, we are Reno Nevada's carpet cleaning professionals. (775) 842-2846
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