Professional Tile Cleaning Reno Nevada

Tile Cleaning by a homeowner doesn't clean your tile ! Okay well not professionally. When you leave the dirty water on the floor after you clean the tile, the dirt in the water is left behind when the water evaporates. Next time you clean yourself , use a white terry cloth towel to see just how much dirt is really left behind. All Clean can professionally clean your tile in your home in Reno Nevada. Just call us at (775) 842-2846

You might be surprised at how dirty the towel is. All that dirt on the towel would have been left on the surface of the tile.  And the dirt in the water/tile cleaner residue would have discolored your grout. The best way to keep your tile clean is to dry the floor after the tile cleaning process. Remove any puddled water that accumulates in the grout joints or in the recesses of some tile designs. This ensures all of the dirt is removed and makes your tile cleaning effort much more effective.

But Aren't Cleaners Effective for Tile Cleaning?

Tile cleaners today do have agents in them that help lift dirt to the surface. The lifting agent also known as the surfactant,  works best when the tile is treated with our cleaning products and rinsed with our high pressure, high PSI clean water. it’s a fact that any tile cleaning residue or mop water left on the tile and grout will still leave behind dirt. Let All Clean come to your home in Reno Nevada and Clean your Tile and Grout Professionally.

When its done right by a professional like All Clean here in Reno Nevada , Regular floor cleaning by yourself can maintain a tile floor in a like new condition assuming the grout was protected with a grout sealer like ours. Now its important to remember just regular mopping wont extract the tile cleaner effectively, or even rinse the tile and grout properly. You don't have a truck mounted unit at your house that you can crank up the heat to 220 Degrees and put at 800 PSI. Let alone have the vacuum blower to suck up the water you would be putting down to rinse the tile and grout right. Call us now for your FREE Tile Cleaning Consultation and Estimate! (775) 842-2846






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