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Not only will All Clean come to your house in Reno Nevada to clean your

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An often overlooked feature of upholstery cleaning is fabric protection. Fabric protection may be just as important as the cleaning itself. When carpet is cleaned many consumers see the value in protecting the carpet, but don't seem to think it's necessary when it come to protecting upholstery fabric after it's cleaned. There is a big difference between upholstery fabric and carpet. Carpet is usually made from synthetic fibers such as olefin, nylon or polyester. It could be made of natural fibers such as wool.

Upholstery fabric is most often natural fibers such as cotton. Natural fibers are much more absorbent than synthetic fibers. This is an advantage to you when selecting a fabric becausethe more absorbent a fiber, the bettet it accepts dye and the more dying techniques can be used.This gives you a wide range of choices in color and style. The disadvantage of an absorbentfiber is that it stains easily. Foreign dye that is used in beverages for example can easilystain a natural fiber. Even synthetic upholstered fabrics are more vulnerable than carpet.

The reason is how the fabric is made. With Carpet, you have a pile, a backing and a thick pad underneath. This gives a spill more room to spread. With upholstered fabric, you have a thin layer of fabric  to penetrate. Once the stain is in the stuffing, it is more difficult to remove.With Carpet, you could even pull the carpet up and deal with problem spots underneath it. With Upholstered fabrics you really only have on option to help. You need a good quality fabric protector. This will help soiling from spills,dust, pet dander, body oils and perspiration. All Clean Carpet can come to your home in Reno Nevada and apply fabric protector to your upholstery after we clean it.

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