Rug Cleaning in Reno Nevada



Rugs take a beating at times. We walk on them, lay on them and we even had a client one time who drove on their rug. Yes with their car!With all of this wear and tear, how is one supposed to get all of that dirt out of their favorite rug?Just Call All Clean Carpet Cleaning To your Home in Reno or Sparks Nevada and we will pick up your oriental rug. Call us at (775) 842-2846Our fully equipped rug cleaning facility in Medford allows us to service all of our clients rug cleaning needs and because we have rug cleaning experts on staff, you'll always receive great customer service and of course the highest quality rug cleaning in the Reno, Sparks Nevada area.Don't worry. We don't use toxic or harsh chemicals. We use only the highest quality, non toxic, eco friendly, organic products when cleaning your rugs. This means your rugs will be clean and safe from damage and will last for years.If you need a rug cleaned, be careful who you trust. All Clean Carpet in Reno Nevada will get your rugs clean safely and you won't risk damage or carelessness. All Clean Carpet is the Premier Carpet Cleaning Company in Reno Nevada. Call All Clean Carpet at (775) 842-2846 You will be glad you did. All Clean is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.