Rug Docter and Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning



Let me give you some information so you can make an educated informatice decision. Lets touch on some points and take for example a basic 3 room cleaning scenario.You will need:$40 Rug Doctor Rental$20 Rug Doctor Shampoo$?? Gas to pick up and drop off, wait to have a store associate give you access.$?? Loading and Unloading Machine (usually need a truck or SUV), taking up the stairs, etc...$?? LaborTotal Value: $80-$100 minimumWhen you look at this way, does it make sense to do it yourself? Even if we were talking apples to apples it doesn't make sense when you can have it done professionally for about the same price or less. I can tell you I have done more recleans after it was done with a rug doctor.Like we said if it were apples to apples, but it is not even close. What you get whether in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Inclinde Village or Lake Tahoe is much more.Here are some differences of the higher value you get with All Clean Carpet Cleaning here in Reno Nevada. Call us at (775) 842-2846 Today!Strong vacuum suction, where it would put the rug doctor to shame.It is very important the carpet gets a thorough rinse or you will leave a lot of dirt and shampoo behind, making your carpet easy target for fast resoiling as it becomes a dirt magnet.Industry leading rotary machine!Rug Doctor has 1 jet with a low pressure line. Our Rotovac system is run at 400 psi with a quad head spinning at 300RPM and 750 multi directional passes. What does this mean, you get far better and deeper agitation, flushing, rinsing and cleaning!High heat!You put hot water in the Rug Doctor that cools in minutes. We have diesel burner technology that keeps consistent hot steam giving you a thorough clean and rinse!Cleaning AgentsWe carry a variety of cleaning agents and spotters to meet the needs of the customer and cleaning situation. We take the guesswork of what Rug Doctor shampoo you need to get.Our cleaning agents are Professional Grade each unique for every different type of scenario. All Clean has got you Covered.Specialty ToolsHow are you going to clean your stairs with the Rug Doctor or fully agitate a traffic area? Need tile cleaning also? It cant do that, we have all the pads, brush heads, rotary machines, hand tools, scrubbers, spotters, pet treatment, odor treatments etc. that you need to get the job done right the first time.

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