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Sometimes customers tell me that their carpet salesman (or a friend) told them not to clean their carpeting until you absolutely have to. "Once you clean your carpeting, it will get dirty faster," they say.
The truth is - Prior to the invention of steam cleaning carpets were generally shampooed only and since there was no rinsing of the carpet during this process; dirt would cling to the residue left behind in the carpet. So there was some merit to the myth up until they perfected dry foam shampoo which then significantly reduced the residue problem.
Even though rinsing is part of the cleaning process there are some inexpensive cleaning agents on the market that (when improperly used) can leave a sticky residue in the carpet after cleaning. However most of these cleaning agents are associated with rental machines.
Provided that a carpet is being cleaned with professional (non-residual) cleaning agents and being completely rinsed, rapid re-soiling (caused by cleaning) will never be a problem.
With respect to carpet salesmen; there are also two other facts to bear in mind: Carpeting that is not cleaned will have to be replaced sooner. Maintaining carpet properly can double its life. Actually Leading Carpet manufacturers require you to clean your carpet every 12-18 months to maintain the warranty on your carpet. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends cleaning your carpet at least once a year. Dirt is the most abrasive thing to your carpet. Don't wait, get your carpet cleaned now. Protect your investment.
Are these the reasons some carpet sales people are passing out this very bad advice? "The sooner people ruin their carpeting, the sooner they'll buy more," seems to be their rationale. Call All Clean Carpet. We are the Steam Carpet Cleaner in Reno Nevada. Call us at (775) 842-2846
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