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Carpet manufacturers agree there is one "best" method for cleaning carpets in your home and that is the steam cleaning method also known as Hot Water Extraction, Check the major carpet mills websites like Shaw and Mohawk. All Clean Carpet will come to your home and steam clean your carpets in Reno Nevada. Let us explain a little more in detail.
DEEP EXTRACTION - goes into carpet fiber where dirt can be embedded. Soil is extracted from base of carpet not scrubbed in deeper. The dirt and soil are taken out of carpet with hot water rinse action.
NO SOAPS & DETERGENTS - all cleaning agents are non-residue materials and wash out with the rinse.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE for all carpet types and fibers including the stain resistant types, like stainmaster.
SANITIZES - removing 95% of bacteria, dust mites, allergy laden particles, pollen's and pollutants in the carpet that can attribute to allergic reactions.
SPOTS & STAINS - most spots and stains are removed during the cleaning process, we also post spot if needed for difficult stains and spots. Most come out, some don't.
CARPET PILE DISTORTION - The powerful vacuum action and hot water used during cleaning helps restore that “like new” look to your carpet. The carpet is clean and standing up like new.
FAST DRY - most carpets are dry in 4-6 hours
ECONOMICAL - Helps extend the life of your carpet. It is cheaper to clean than replace.
NO HARSH CHEMICALS - Our main cleaning agents are safe for kids and pets. No enzymes, no bleach, no suds, non toxic, non flammable and no sticky residue. No harsh detergents are used. Green products available upon request. All Clean Carpet is your Professional Steam Cleaning Company in Reno Nevada. Call us today at
(775) 842-2846.
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