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Do you have Dirty Grout Lines in your home in Incline Village Nevada? No Problem just call All Clean (775) 842-2846. We will come to your home and get your tile and grout looking good again.

Discolored Grout is defined as having a particular color of grout when first installed, and as time passes, the color slowly changes to a shade darker or lighter, or just black. Typically the grout discoloring can be reversed if maintained with the proper cleaning chemical and apparatuses as well as periodic professional tile and grout cleaning service.  In a home, the best possible solution would be cotton socks on your feet and to stay away from bare feet and shoes. In business it would be hard to tell guest/customers to remove shoes upon entry, however, periodic maintenance would be the key to help lesson the ugliness. This is where the problem usually starts from not only homeowners, but business’s as well. Not enough routine maintenance. In a home, professional tile and grout cleaning service should be utilized on an annual basis. Commercial establishments like gas station convenience stores require service quarterly. A consultation from a professional can help you steer you in the right direction of what to use vs. not to use. Grout can be discolored temporally or permanently. Every floor has a different situation. When it comes to grout discoloring, there is no 2 floors the same. Professional tile and grout cleaning typically results in 85%-95% recovery back to it’s original condition.

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