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All Clean Carpet is Reno Nevada's TIle and Grout Cleaning Professional and we just wanted to share some fun facts about tile with you.
Did you know ? Bleach does not remove the grease and soil. Cleaning with bleach disinfects and whitens, while the grease and soil are spread around and worked into the grout..
Did you know ? Most contractors do not seal the tile because they don’t have time to come back once the grout is set.
Did you know ? Many floor cleaning products leave a residue that attracts soil.
Do your shower tiles have the dark mineral deposits on them? No matter how hard you scrub it still doesn’t budge. Well guess what? We can even remove the toughest mineral deposits that have accumulated in your bathrooms.
If you have Tile Showers, Tile Floors, or Tile Counter Tops in or surrounding your home you will be amazed at how soiled they really are once we spot test an area for you.
Why go through the expense and hassle of having the whole kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas torn apart for days while waiting for new tile to be installed?
All Clean Can usually clean and seal your tile and grout in the same day. Call All Clean Carpet to your home in Reno Nevada and get your tile and grout cleaned to like new conditon. Protect your investment and enjoy cleanliness and appearance. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. All Clean Carpet (775) 842-2846