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All natural stone product like travertine is considered a soft stone, taking wear or minor scratches as sand or dust is ground underfoot. Often appearing as a dull spot or wear pattern these areas can be honed and polished to deliver the finish you desire, whether a soft and subtle matte, semi-gloss, or luxurious gloss finish. Restored properly your floor is scratch-free with a beautiful finish.  All Clean Carpet starts the process with our honing treatments to eliminate wear and micro-scratches, after which it is polished to an even beautiful finish. Call us today for you FREE Travertine Evaluation. All Clean Carpet can help you restoring your travertine floor in your home in Reno Nevada. (775) 842-2846

Travertine, Marble and Limestone are all subject to etching. Etches are small scratches that create a dull spot on the stone. Mostly caused by spills containing any type of acid: Citrus, wine, alcohol, vinegar, pet accidents all contain acids. Acid eats calcium carbonate found in these stones and the result is an etch. The natural chemical reaction is almost immediate and can vary in severity depending on acid level, how long it sits, and the size. Penetrating sealers guard against the acid from eating through layers of the stone, thereby keeping the etch on top so it can be buffed out again during regular professional maintenance. All Clean Carpet is Reno Nevada's Natural Stone Restoration Experts. Call us today at (775) 842-2846.



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